Pa-Kua Cambridge

Pa-Kua is an international school of martial studies established in 1976, where we teach a system based on multiple styles and ancient Chinese knowledge. We offer a unique approach which emphasizes family atmosphere, personalized attention, acceptance of all people, and individual evolution.

Modalities of Pa-Kua in Cambridge

Pa-Kua Martial Arts - Pa-Kua master demonstrating a sidekick on the seashore

Martial art & Self-Defense

for kids and adults

Wednesdays, 7pm – 8pm
πŸ–ˆ Polonia Club, Function Room

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Learn to defend yourself through an internal martial art based on multiple styles, in a non-competitive, friendly, inclusive environment.

more information Martial Arts Discipline Demonstration Martial Arts Open Class

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Pa-Kua Cosmodynamics - Pa-Kua master practising in a stream in a forest

Tai Chi - Cosmodynamics

for kids and adults

Wednesdays, 6pm – 7pm
πŸ–ˆ Polonia Club, Function Room

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Study and practice movements of martial arts to train and control your body, to relieve joint pain, and to understand the universe around us.

more information Cosmodynamics Discipline Demonstration from the 2020 Open Classes Cosmodynamics Open Class

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Pa-Kua Chinese Archery - Pa-Kua masters demonstrating archery indoors

Chinese Archery

for teens and adults

First and third Saturdays of each Month
πŸ–ˆ Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre

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A Chinese archery style using traditional recurve bows, bamboo arrows, and a thumb draw technique with martial art elements.

more information Archery Discipline Demonstration Meditative Archery Demonstration Indoors Archery Demonstration from the 2020 Open Classes

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Please always refer to our 🌐 calendar for dates, times, and locations of the classes and the events.

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Wednesday Saturday
3pm - 4pm Indoor Archery
first and third Saturday of each Month
πŸ–ˆ Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre
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4pm - 5pm
5pm - 6pm
6pm - 7pm Tai Chi – Cosmodynamics
πŸ–ˆ Polonia Club, Function Room
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7pm - 8pm Martial Art
πŸ–ˆ Polonia Club, Function Room
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* please refer to our calendar to the exact date or contact us. There are exceptions due to Bank Holidays.



Tai Chi - Cosmodynamics and Martial art & Self-Defense classes are Β£12 per one hour long class, archery classes are Β£26.90 per 2 hour class.

Monthly subscriptions

We offer subscriptions as starting from Β£37/month for a single class of Martial Art of Tai Chi per week, or Β£47/month for 2x2 hours of archery per month.

Every additional class is Β£20/month on top of the base price.

There's a family discount of 30% from the total subscription price, if 2 or more family members are attending to the practice; please contact us, so we can prepare a bespoke price for you.



πŸ›’ Pa-Kua Accessories Store
Buy equipment for our classes: uniforms, bows, arrows, clothing, etc.
πŸ›’ Special Class and Itinerancy Payments
Payment system for special classes, courses, intensive traning, etc
πŸ–Ή Pa-Kua Manual for Students
Student Handbook (still has 9 disciplines listed; since then, Energy and Reflexology became Pa-Kua Chi) (PDF)
🌐 Articles about Pa-Kua
Portugese and English entries from Master SΓ©rgio M. de Souza


πŸ–Ή Pa-Kua Cambridge Safeguarding Policy
Our safeguarding policies (PDF)
πŸ–Ή Pa-Kua Cambridge Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct: a guide to ethics and behaviour during our activities (PDF)
πŸ–Ή Pa-Kua Cambridge Student Registration Form
Registration & acknowledgement form (PDF)

Our instructors

Rodolfo Oliva

Master Rodolfo Oliva

VIΒ° Master of Pa-Kua Knowledge

Tom Winch

Tom Winch

Instructor β‹… IIΒ° black belt

Peter Molnar

Peter Molnar

instructor β‹… IΒ° black belt